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12th edition of Yugam, themed as “ZENITH” is back at Kumaraguru

12th edition of Yugam, themed as “ZENITH” is back at Kumaraguru

Yugam creates a platform for technocrats, sports enthusiasts, and artists to display their talents. It also provides an avenue for workshops, endless entertainment, and bustling stalls to enthuse the masses. Yugam has made significant resonance under many themes like ‘Empowering women’, ‘Circle’, ‘Time’, ‘Infinity’, ‘Reincarnate ‘and “transcend”.

Kumaraguru is back with 12th edition of Yugam, themed as “ZENITH”, igniting excitement and anticipation. The theme symbolizes the highest point reached at the most successful period. With more than 20000 participants from 150+ colleges each year, Kumaraguru hosts more than 105+ events and 60+ workshops to give students a tremendous platform to showcase their expertise.

Here is the list of Highlight events featured at the upcoming Yugam 2024:

  • Mahalingam Trophy
  • Aisa Awards
  • Socio Constant
  • IIYC
  • Econothon
  • Deep Dive ML-Athon
  • Seismic Design Contest
  • Trendz’24
  • Paper Presentation
  • Shark Tank
  • RC Xtreme
  • DCE
  • Genz
  • Proshow
  • Angadi
  • Student Conclave for Climate Action


GenZ Economic Summit, a ground breaking event uniting government officials, industry experts, and academic leaders. Focused on the theme “Accelerating Tamil Nadu’s journey to a trillion-dollar economy,” this summit promises to unveil vital strategies through insightful panel talks, interactive workshops, and in-depth discussions on career opportunities in economics. Join us as we chart the course towards Tamil Nadu’s economic success.

RC Xtreme

The realm of 1/8 scale Off-road Nitro Car Racing offers a captivating display of human ingenuity and technological prowess. This motorsport discipline marries a desire to conquer demanding obstacles with the pursuit of competitive excellence. Witness the meticulous control and strategic acumen of racing enthusiasts as they navigate their meticulously crafted nitro-powered vehicles across intricate and challenging courses.  Teamwork takes center stage as groups of up to five members collaborate and compete for ultimate victory. Prepare to be immersed in the exhilarating world of off-road racing, all from the vantage point of the controller.


The Defence Career Expo (DCE), where the aim is crystal clear yet impactful: to showcase the diverse array of opportunities awaiting the nation’s youth within the armed forces. Through workshops, guest lectures, and speeches, DCE aims to provide invaluable insights into the noble life in uniform.

The Various events of DCE covers:


The exclusive session featuring esteemed triforces experts promises to unveil valuable insights and experiences.


SSB is a screening procedure used to determine a cadet’s eligibility to become an officer in the armed forces. Join us for the SSB and Defence research workshop, which will help clarify fundamental concepts with the assistance of subject matter experts, also providing insights on various military technologies.


Take part in discussions on a variety of topics, such as (Topics). Make connections with people who share your appreciation for the persuasive art and the power of well-articulated speech.


DCE provides an extensive array of immersive experience zones, live demonstrations, and static exhibitions. This is aimed to captivate participants by showcasing the technology, tactics, and weaponry of the Armed Forces.


From Western classical to Indian pop, one of the best bands in the Indian Navy and the Wellington band will showcase their talents, playing a variety of songs. The overall performance is aimed to instil a patriotic fervor amongst the audience.


A thought-provoking conversation about the adventurous life in the armed forces and real time war experiences is Wartalk. Discover the officers of Triforces’ personal tales of bravery, tenacity, and optimism. Learn about the human side of war, investigate the difficulties that both troops and civilians experience, and examine the possibilities for rapprochement and peacebuilding.

“This year this expo covers career & research opportunities in defence sector, showcases the life in armed forces and displays weapons and models from various defence forces”


“Float like a Cadillac and Sting like a Bee”

At the intersection of speed, thrill, and pure skill is the KI Drone Prix, a window to put them to a show. It displays participants’ drone piloting skills to fly over and under our daring track. Participants gear up to “Reap the Reward”!


Meticulously crafted platform designed to cultivate collaborative problem-solving and empower participants to embrace the principles of design thinking. This esteemed event invites individuals to demonstrate their analytical prowess and critical thinking acumen. Participants will engage in the formulation of innovative solutions for a pre-defined economic challenge statement.


The Deep Dive ML-athon is the ultimate test for machine learning (ML) teams. In this 3-day intensive competition, teams will develop cutting-edge models using unique datasets provided. To ensure fairness, rigorous code evaluations occur beforehand. Top performers will then face a new challenge: a more complex dataset demanding the highest accuracy predictions. This is your chance to sharpen your ML skills and compete against the best


The Seismic Design Contest presents a compelling opportunity for participants to revolutionize conventional practices and ignite innovation within the construction sector. This esteemed competition serves as a platform for individuals to make a lasting contribution to the field of earthquake engineering by redefining the boundaries of seismic design.


Trendz’24 ignites the intersection of fashion and innovation. This esteemed event serves as a launchpad for aspiring designers, providing a platform to showcase their talents and bridge the gap between runway trends and real-world wearability.  It’s more than just a competition; Trendz’24 fosters a vibrant stage for artistic expression, allowing designers to transform their creative visions into captivating garments that dazzle on the catwalk.


Paper Presentation aims to bring out situational analysis-based work of students and develop their ability to think out of the box. This will also help the students to gain expertise on the topics and therefore enhance their knowledge and learning. This event is categorised into circuit, non-circuit and life science branches.


The Angel’s Gate presents a dynamic platform fostering the convergence of groundbreaking ideas and venture capital. This esteemed event serves as a catalyst for aspiring entrepreneurs by connecting them with seasoned investors, industry experts, and potential collaborators.

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Event Highlights:

  • Pitch Sessions: Entrepreneurs pitch innovative ideas to experienced investors for funding.
  • Expert Panel: Meet industry titans with insights into spotting the next big thing.
  • Networking: Connect with professionals to propel your business forward.

Live Investment Decisions: Experience real-time investment decisions by the sharks.


Giving is the essence of life. The crux of fulfilment is contributing to society, and Kumaraguru nurtures that contentment through Socio Constant. It strives to increase awareness of Mental Health by creating the awareness to the break the stigma existing in Society theming “Mental Health Matters”.

Along with year-long impact projects of Kumaraguru, the main missions of Socio Constant ’24 are -Inspire India Youth Conclave, Mental Wellness for the Educators, Strengthening our protectors.


Angadi is a student run trade fair extensively curated, developed and implemented by the students of KCT Business School that offers hands-on experience. More than 80 stalls are setup every year for passionate student entrepreneurs, NGOs, Start-ups, Government organization and MNCs. Angadi 2024 is all set to exhibit products from a variety of categories, including food and beverages, accessories, electronics, handicrafts, clothing, promo stalls, games, and stationeries.


For over a decade, AISA has provided a platform for budding filmmakers to exhibit their talents in cinematography and direction. Esteemed guests from the film industry will honor young, skilled participants with awards across various categories, recognizing their demonstrated abilities.


Kumaraguru’s dedication to sportsmanship drives students from across the city to showcase their skills, embodying values of integrity, perseverance, and teamwork. As part of the festival’s spirit, Sports Prodirjies are geared up to demonstrate their best game yet, highlighting their inherent potential and passion for sports.


Yugam Proshow is one of the major highlights of the fest that brings star studded line up of performers to keep the audience on their toes. Proshow celebrates the grand conclusion to the extended, event-filled days and ushers in the true spirit of celebration. Yugam 2024 is all set for three sensational days of Proshow, where music and dance converge to create unforgettable experiences! Day 1 kicks off with the mesmerizing performances of Simran Sivakumar & team Anarthana, promising soul-stirring melodies and captivating moves. Day 2 brings the infectious rhythms of Masala Coffee, ensuring a night of groove and lasting memories. Finally, on Day 3, prepare for an unforgettable finale with the stellar lineup featuring Sean Rolden, Adithya R K, Sathya Prakash, Kalyani Nair, and Nithya Sri. Get ready to be enchanted by their enthralling music, leaving you spellbound till the very end. Don’t miss out on this electrifying event!”


A conclave to share knowledge about climate action and the happenings around the world related to sustainability. This year, the conclave focused on three major themes. Tech for Climate, Policy for Climate, Fashion for Climate are steps towards global resilience. Join us together to witness the biggest climate change. gathering of the year for preserving the earth for the future.

Featuring Master Classes, Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Field Visits all cantered on the pivotal mission of combating climate change and addressing global warming. while fostering sustainability.


Career Fair Workshops are opportunistic platforms which help the students to hone the key career skills and themes that the recruiters look for. This fair comprises various universities from across the globe and consultancies.


Inspire India Youth Conclave aims to stimulate the revolutionary exchange of viewpoints and envisages bringing forth the brightest of minds to drive a collaborative interest for growth through panel discussions, workshops, and monologues.  A wide variation of sectors is being represented as part of IIYC this year including mental health, sports, education, entrepreneurship, etc.

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