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170 tonnes of extra waste throughout the pooja celebs at CBE

By Team YourCoimbatore on 19th October 2021
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Pilling of banana stems, mango leaves and other materials used for Ayudha Pooja celebrations is a common sight in the city after the festival. Also, ash gourds are broken on the road as part of it.

The metropolis well-being official confirmed that the company had collected around 170 tonnes of extra waste in the city. Pointing out that the town used to generate a mean of 800 to 850 tonnes of waste day by day, the company officially mentioned the streets full of waste.

City Deputy company Commissioner Dr M.Sharmila mentioned our entire workforce had swung into motion to wash town streets, which resembled dump yards. At markets, traders had left behind a large number of unsold banana shoots. They simply leave it along the road. We managed the waste by effectively making use of the waste collection centres in the city. Removing the waste from the roads in residential areas is a great challenge, said the official.

Great speeches and Articles won’t help people understand. Our action will. We should develop the habit of not to throw garbage of any kind on roads, streets but throwing them in dustbins. Make this earth a better and safer place to live in.


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