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181 sarees stashed on the roadside near Valparai were confiscated

181 sarees stashed on the roadside near Valparai were confiscated

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Election Flying Corps officers confiscated 181 sarees stashed on the roadside near Valparai. Elections will be held today (Saturday) for 21 wards in Valparai municipality in Coimbatore district. Electoral flying squad officers in turn have been engaged in intensive surveillance to prevent the distribution of cash and gift items to voters.

In this case, the police received confidential information that gift items were being distributed to voters in the Kurangumudi estate area near Valparai. A flying squadron led by Natarajan, an Election Flying Squadron officer on duty, and Sub-Inspector Balaji rushed to the spot.

There were 4 bundles lying on the roadside with no one on the way to Kurangumudi Estate. The bundles were also seized by the flying troops. Also, when it was opened it was revealed that it had 181 sarees in it.

The sarees were confiscated and handed over to Returning Officer Suresh Kumar. According to the flying squadron, there were 181 sarees in the 4 bundles that were left unattended.
We were informed that it was brought in to give to the voters. The sarees have been confiscated after rushing to the spot. There was no DMK or anyone else at the scene of the seizure. An investigation is underway into who owns these gift items. Thus they said.

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