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2.5 lakh people skip second vaccination dose in Coimbatore

2.5 lakh people skip second vaccination dose in Coimbatore

Covid-19 vaccine

A whopping 2.45 lakh people in the city have skipped their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The health wing of the city corporation has prepared a list of people who are reluctant to get vaccinated and circulated their contact numbers among its workers so that they can reach out to such people and get them vaccinated.

While the gap between two doses of Covaxin is 28 days, it is 84 days for Covishield. While 95% of the eligible population has been inoculated with the first dose, only 55% has received the second dose.

The civic body has been conducting vaccination camps regularly and mass vaccination camps once a week. Although vaccines are available, the response has come down. “Plenty of doses are available, but the response has been low.

As of Wednesday, we have 60,000 plus doses and can get 30,000 more doses from rural health officials. The mass vaccination camp held last Thursday had only 9,000 takers from the city,” a health official of the corporation said.

“The lukewarm response to the second dose could be due to reducing fear of Covid-19 as the number of cases has come down. While 4,000 to 5,000 tests are conducted daily, only 45 to 55 cases are reported. People who had a fever after taking the first dose could hesitate to take the second dose.

However, we have observed that those who experienced fever after the first dose don’t experience it after the second dose,” the official said. “Special vaccination camps conducted on Sundays get a better response than other days including Saturdays,” he added.

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Consul General of the Federation of Russia

People should not be lethargic in putting vaccination. Vaccination is the only weapon to eradicate the Covid-19 disease. Since the schools didn’t open fully which affects children also. Fear of the corona disease still appears. It’s our responsibility to get vaccinated fully.


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