The ICSE is adding Amar Chithra Katha, Harry Potter to the syllabus and Shilpa gets trending…

There was a big dejavu when we learnt ICSE has decided to add Amar Chithra Katha to their syllabi and it has been welcomed across all quarters. You can read more about it here.

And Page 3, which prides itself as torch bearers of opinion went to the bollywood to ask for its comments on this issue and bang we got to know something from Shilpa Shetty… take a look at the pic.

15232248_1451851651509826_7938173658071093442_nIn case you are wondering, she has said Animal Farm should be added and that will teach little ones to love an care.

This led to a some funny tweets, and then before we knew, it the hashtag #ShilpaShettyReviews was trending on twitter.

Have a look, and lo that escalated quickly to become the top trend on twitter.


Great Stuff like these 😛

And then some defense 😛

Hope you enjoyed as much as we did, only waiting for some quoting out of context from Shilpa Shetty.

And there you go… (updated)

PS: So we are also letting this pass. I think it was a dull day at twitter and they used Shilpa Shetty’s statement to have fun. Though it was off the mark, the people did take undue exagerration to what she had said.


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