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3 smart Thieves in the World! Amazing ‘Money Heist’ robbery incidents

3 smart Thieves in the World! Amazing ‘Money Heist’ robbery incidents

Smart Thieves, robbery incidents

The world may be amazed at these smart thieves who are sprinkling dirt in the eyes of the police. Even agencies in countries around the world have not been able to locate them to date. In this news, you can learn about the three ‘smart’ thieves in the world and their robbery incidents like ‘Money Heist’.

No 3: DB Cooper is the third smartest thief in the world. DP Cooper hijacked a Boeing-707 on November 24, 1971. DP Cooper loaded the bomb and boarded the plane. He first told the flight attendant that there was a bomb.

The note, which was subsequently sent to the pilot of the plane, stated that he would pay 4 parachutes and $ 2 lakh or else he would blow up the plane with a bomb. He landed the plane in Seattle, USA, and listed what he wanted and what he wanted.

In return for his demands being met in Seattle, DP Cooper released 36 passengers on board. Following this, the plane flew to Mexico. Then DP Cooper jumped out of the plane with the help of a parachute. To date, he has not been caught. The FBI is investigating the case.

No 2: Two thieves who stole from the Gartner Museum in Boston in the United States are in second place. In 1990, two thieves identified themselves as police officers at the Gardner Museum.

They told the guard that he had come to check. Later, the guard was tied up and the two thieves escaped with 13 works of art worth billions of rupees. For 31 years, there was no clue about the thieves. Stolen works of art are also not available. The FBI is investigating. The museum has announced a reward of $ 10 million, or about 75 crore, 61 lakhs, 32 thousand, and 500 rupees, for information leading to the theft.

No 1: The undisputed king of the Bale thieves and being ranked No. 1 are accused of robbing Harry Winston. In December 2008, three women and a man broke into a jewelry store in Paris, France.

Then one woman threatened with a gun and another with a grenade in her bag. They stole $ 108 million from a jewelry store. But to date, no information is available about these four.

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