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30th Graduation Ceremony at PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

30th Graduation Ceremony at PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

graduation day at PSGIMSR

Coimbatore. The 30th Graduation Ceremony of PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, was conducted on 29th October, 2022 (Saturday) at the PSG IMS&R Auditorium.

Dr P Raghu Ram, Director & Consultant Surgeon, KIMS Ushalakshmi Centre for Breast Diseases, KIMS Hospitals, Hyderabad, Chief Guest of the occasion delivered the Graduation address. He is a Padma Shri Awardee, the prestigious Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee, and OBE –Officer of the most excellent Order of British Empire.

About 145 M.B.B.S. Graduates and 60 Post graduates (including super specialties) received their graduation certificates. In addition, various academic awards and gold medals were presented to the students.

Ms K Poorani received the best all rounder graduate – the GRG Memorial gold medal for the year 2022 and Ms L A Naveena Sri received the G V Memorial Gold Medal for the Best Outgoing graduate.

Dr T M SubbaRao, Principal, welcomed the gathering and Dr S Vijayabaskaran, Associate Professor of Physiology, administered the Oath of Hippocrates to the passing out graduates. Dr G Raghuthaman, Professor & Head, Department of Psychiatry delivered an inspirational talk to motivate the young graduates while Dr S Shanthakumari, Professor & Head, Department of Pathology delivered the Vote of Thanks.

The Managing Trustee of PSG institutions Sri.L Gopalakrishnan presided over the function and distributed the certificates and awards.

Here’s a highlight of the Chief guest Dr Raghu Ram’s address:

In India, doctors are equated with Gods. In Hindu Mythology, it is Lord Dhanvantari

Patients confide their secrets more than they would share with their dear ones. Hence, as per the Hippocratic oath, maintain confidentiality. Never underestimate the trust patients have in you.

When treating patients, doing good must have the highest priority. He highlighted that the entire practice of medicine revolves around one fundamental principle called ethics. No matter how good, great, intelligent, skilled, talented, knowledgeable or rich, you may be, at the end of the day, if you are not ethical in your approach to life, it means you have achieved nothing.

Medical practice has become a rat race. As long as you are ethical, the race is only for the rats.

A Doctor takes away the pain and sufferings of others by treating them. As a consequence, YOU are a continuous source of happiness for many people and their families. When you give happiness to others, you are the happiest person of the moment. Chasing the dream of becoming a doctor, is not just the pursuit of a great career, but a pursuit of happiness too.

Consider patient as a human being with feelings and emotions and Not as a subject with an ailment. Most doctors are bad at giving information. This is presumably because they get no training as students in this important aspect of clinical practice. This deficiency should be corrected and competence tested before qualification to practise.

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It is a distinct art to talk medicine in the language of the non-medical man.

Listening is, in fact, more important than talking. In giving patients time, and in listening to them, doctors will find some of the real rewards of medicine.

Good Listening = Good Diagnostic Weapon

Take up a Charitable initiative, give back to the community in more ways than one. Success will be out of reach if the focus is on the competition.

In Medicine, being successful means, you are a kind, compassionate and a caring doctor.

Graduates, remember that your parents were there for you when you needed them the most. Be there for them when they need you the Most

Most importantly..
Never forget your Mother…
Never forget your Motherland…
Never forget the place you were born & raised…
Never forget your Mother Tongue

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