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436 AQI: Air Pollution at Peak in Delhi!

436 AQI: Air Pollution at Peak in Delhi!

air pollution in delhi

Delhi’s air quality continues to deteriorate. The Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research Organization (SAFAR) today (Sunday, November 07) reported that the air quality index (AQI) in the capital Delhi continues to remain poor. According to an analysis released by SAFAR at 6:15 am today, Delhi’s overall air quality is in the ‘worst’ category, AQI 436.

The concentration of PM 2.5 in air pollution was 318. The number of PM 10 is reported to be 448. Delhi’s AQI continues to be ‘worst’ according to an air quality review released by SAFAR. However, it is worth noting that the air quality was lower last night (Saturday, November 06) compared to the AQI 437. Air pollution continues in the sense that “surface winds are becoming stronger.” It dissipates and spreads air pollution.

AQI is the air quality index. It is represented by numbers. Of these, air quality between 0-50 is considered excellent, 51-100 is considered satisfactory, 101-200 is moderate, 201-300 is considered bad, 301-400 is considered very bad and 401-500 is considered severe/dangerous.

Chemicals, biomaterials, etc. that we use pollute the air by mixing with the atmosphere. Air pollution causes many diseases such as diseases, allergies, and short life. Pollution caused by human error affects human society as well as non-polluting animals and plants.

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