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5th batch of the Kumaraguru Civil Services Academy inaugurated

5th batch of the Kumaraguru Civil Services Academy inaugurated

The 5th batch of the Kumaraguru Civil Services Academy was inaugurated at Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS) in collaboration with Shankar IAS Academy on Friday 21 July 2023.

A total of 60 students from different undergraduate departments of KCLAS have enrolled for the 10 months program where staff from Shankar IAS Academy will train the students in the campus on Friday and Saturday along with KCLAS faculty members.

Dr Vijila Edwin Kennedy, Principal, Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS): The objective of starting Political Science Department at KCLAS was to build leaders. It could be in any service. We partnered with Shankar IAS Academy to preparatory training for civil services. It’s not just about cracking the exam and getting in there. You will be given a lot of opportunity to go around talk to people, understand their problems. To be an effective civil servant requires leadership qualities. It requires, decision makers, leaders, problem solvers and people who can take creative and innovative initiatives. When you are preparing for the civil services exam during your under-graduation, try and acquire these qualities through programmes like District Collector’s internship program. I request the Corporation Commissioner to take more students for the Commissioner’s internship program.

Mr M Prathap, Commissioner, Coimbatore Corporation: It was great to have a civil service study circle in the college and active circle like in Kumaraguru. Hard work and interest are essential to succeed. Ensure effective utilization of the study time without any distractions.

Reading newspapers should be a daily routine which cannot be replaced. A well-informed citizen is always a better aspirant. Your opinion should not be biased. The selection process is to check your officer like qualities. Have a balanced view about an issue or incident.

Political science is one of the lengthiest optional papers, but 30-40 percent of the UPSC syllabus is covered through the political science subject. Revision is the key to succeed in the exam and repeated practice of answer writing will make your success easy. He asked students to enjoy college days as it will not come back.

R S Arun, Coordinator of Shankar IAS Academy, Coimbatore: From this year, offline classes have been started and it will start with newspaper reading. Objective of the first year is to strengthen your basics by newspaper reading and NCERT books. You will be trained by diversified officers and this will help you to know how they prepared for the exams. Learning from the civil service toppers and people in service is very important as it will make your journey simple.

Ms J Githanjali, IFS: An alumnus of KCT batch 2014, she said out of the 7 students from her batch from KCT who went to New Delhi for civil services preparations, 2 are in the service now. She said more students would have cleared if the study circle was started in the college when she was studying. She asked students to participate in every activity the college gives you. KCT gives you the liberty to explore. If you have the skill, the college will take you anywhere, she said.

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N Rohinth, IRS: Don’t sacrifice your college life for anything else. Any process you enjoy will make it easy for you. I moved ahead with the preparation with the objective of gaining some knowledge and if you go ahead without any expectation, there won’t be any disappointment. If you start loading yourself with expectation you will be under pressure and you will not be able to perform better. Lot of my knowledge was sourced from movies which helped me in the civil services. You can learn by enjoying your everyday life. Your lifestyle should be such that you eye and ears are open, to be able to receive information knowingly or unknowingly. Analyse things in a hawk eye view. This exam doesn’t want you to be general and not specific and how wide your thinking is.




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