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72 flying squads have been set up in Coimbatore to prevent money laundering

72 flying squads have been set up in Coimbatore to prevent money laundering

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In Coimbatore district, urban local government elections are to be held for 831 posts. A total of 2,171 polling stations are being set up across the district. The election code of conduct has come into force as the election date has been announced. Following this, pictures of MK Stalin and Karunanidhi were removed from all government offices, including the Collector’s Office.

Corporation employees tore down party leaders’ posters on bridges and walls across Coimbatore. Paintings with the names of political leaders were also destroyed with paint.

Also, the offices of MLAs across the district were locked and sealed. It has also been announced that no more than Rs. 50,000 should be taken without proper documents as election conduct is in force.

In addition, 72 flying squads have been set up across the district to prevent money laundering in the run-up to the elections. Officers and policemen from the flying squadron are patrolling the main roads in vehicles 24 hours a day.

According to officials, the election code of conduct is in force and no more than Rs 50,000 can be taken without documents. If so you will need to bring the documents for that money. They said the money would be confiscated if there were no documents.

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