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A boy from Coimbatore ends life after mom refuses to give phone; Reason and solution for phone addiction here

A boy from Coimbatore ends life after mom refuses to give phone; Reason and solution for phone addiction here

phone addiction

A school student committed suicide in Pollachi on Sunday after his mother refused to hand him over her mobile phone to play an online game.

The Class-IX boy of a government school in Pollachi had surgery for appendicitis two months ago and was taking rest in the home since then, according to a complaint lodged by the boy’s mother with the Pollachi west police.

During this time, he often used his mother’s mobile phone and downloaded an online game, Free Fire, and played it often, the complaint said. Meanwhile, his parents had advised him not to play online games and use his mobile phone for long hours.

On Sunday morning, the boy’s father went to work. “When the boy’s mother and his sister were about to go outside, the boy asked his mother to give her his phone. She refused and asked him to be safe in the house,” said a police officer. “When she returned in the afternoon, she found her son hanging from the ceiling using a lungi,” the officer added.

Based on the complaint, police registered a case under Section 174 CrPC. The boy’s body was handed over to the family members after the postmortem at the Pollachi government hospital on Monday afternoon.

Why are Children addicted to mobile phones?

Today’s teens face intense levels of pressure. Sometimes their phone use is tied to recreational activity and can help them relieve stress, but other times they use their phones to keep up with their busy lives. Also, a recent study shows that teens who prefer virtual to real-life communication tend to have a high level of social anxiety or even depression. Cell phone addiction affects relationships with friends and family in a negative way. A child might isolate from friends and family, spending time absorbed in the digital world.

Some effective strategies to help your child break free from phone addiction:

Do not make them do everything on one device, When you switch between different activities it is good both for their brain and body, Limit their screen time, Disable notifications, Establish phone-free periods each day, Put it away, Lock it.

Reason for the Children from this generation don’t value their lives:

Kids these days are addicted to technology. It almost seems as if they were born learning the use of technology right from the womb. They are so used to their gadgets like their phones, play-stations, wearables, etc that they just do not think beyond them. Also, when they see everyone around them flaunting new devices and gadgets, they too feel the need to have one – no matter what the cost, whether they need one or not, whether their parents can afford one, etc.

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For them, their devices are more of a status symbol and not a necessity. They need to flaunt them in front of their friends and prove to them that they too can use such amazing technology. Unfortunately, sometimes their obsession gets so strong that for them, these gadgets become their world. After that, they get suicidal thoughts and ends their life unnecessarily.

It’s really sad when children don’t value their lives and give material things more important. The value of materialism has increased and for children these days it is only if their parents buy them such things that they feel loved and valued.

As a lesson to all teenagers and the youth, we would only like to say that please do not value material things over your life. You can change phones as often as you want – but you can live life only once. Life is precious. Don’t waste it.


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