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A friend in need: WhatsApp Users may go bankrupt with a small mistake

A friend in need: WhatsApp Users may go bankrupt with a small mistake


The use of social media apps has increased tremendously today. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app of all social media apps. Although the internet and social media have made people’s lives much simpler and more enjoyable, over time, cybercrime cases are also on the rise. Today we are going to talk about one of the most common scams on WhatsApp. The scam has been dubbed ‘Friend in Need’

In this latest scam of WhatsApp, users are getting messages from their ‘friends’ that they need a lot of money. Users have received text messages on WhatsApp from their friends saying they have stuck somewhere abroad and need the money back home. Many are caught up in such scams.

According to the UK’s National Business Standards, at least 59% of people living in the UK are exposed to this scam, and the scam has been confirmed through WhatsApp and people are being asked to be vigilant.

According to Louis Baxter of the National Trading Standards Scams group, fraudsters send messages on behalf of your friend or relative, making you think the sender is your friend or relative. This makes it easier to withdraw money. By sending you a message, they will ask for your personal information, ask for money or try to find out your account details.

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