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A lorry carrying ration rice was involved in an accident near Pollachi

A lorry carrying ration rice was involved in an accident near Pollachi

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A lorry lost control and crashed on the Pollachi-Meenkarai road in the Alangadavu section. The Food Smuggling Prevention Unit police received a tip-off that there were ration rice bundles in the truck.

Following this, Inspector Gopinath, Anaimalai Civil Supplies Officer Murugaraj and police and officers rushed to the spot. Police later arrested 2 people who came in the truck and conducted an investigation.

They then said that they were transporting fodder to Kerala from Dindigul and Theni areas. But their response made the police suspicious.

Police immediately inspected the bundles in the truck. Then there were some bundles with wheat bundles in it. When the police opened the bundles, they found that they were all ration rice.

Following this, the police continued to investigate the two persons and it was revealed that Arunraj from Kerala was Karthikeyan from Dindigul and was smuggling ration rice from Dindigul to Kerala.

Police subsequently arrested the two and confiscated 20 tonnes of ration rice from the lorry. Police are also looking for Vivek and Kerala Muneer from Theni involved in the incident.

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