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A mysterious suitcase was found under a flyover in Gandhipuram

A mysterious suitcase was found under a flyover in Gandhipuram


Bombs exploded at various places in Coimbatore on February 14, 1998, including RS Puram. The blast killed at least 50 people and injured dozens more.

Therefore, it is customary to place heavy police security in Coimbatore on the eve of the bomb blast day on February 14 every year. According to the order of the Commissioner of Police in the city of Coimbatore Pradeep Kumar, Deputy Commissioners Superintendents, Outer District Police Superintendents, 2,000 policemen were on security duty yesterday.

Particularly in Engadam, Dunhal, Sataram, RSD, Kanipuram and Gunfire, were engaged in security work. Vehicle testing was also carried out at key locations. The Tamil Nadu Special Task Force and the Central High Speed Force Police in Wellalur were deployed on security duty. Tear gas canister to disperse the crowd in the event of an accident,

The water pumping vehicle was parked nearby. The police who did not even uniform were engaged in monitoring work in the public. In this situation, a black suitcase was found orphaned under the Gandhipuram flyover yesterday morning. The police were informed as no one had taken it for a long time. The bomb experts were then informed.

They rushed in and checked the suitcase with a metal detector. It was confirmed that there was no bomb in it. Subsequently, the police opened the suitcase. It was empty with no supplies. Thus the police were relieved. The mysterious suitcase that was left empty yesterday on the day of the blast caused a stir in the Gandhipuram area for some time..

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