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A S Rajan IPS calls for combating misinformation with verification of source

A S Rajan IPS calls for combating misinformation with verification of source

A S Rajan, IPS addressing the students at GRD

Mr. A S Rajan IPS, Director, Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy spoke on combating misinformation in the age of hyper information at the GRD college campus. He was speaking on the occasion of FACE2FACE series organised by the college.

During his address he explained how the police force is now facing innumerable challenges apart from offline issues its the online challenge that they are waking up now to. But they are all set to handle the same with training in Cyber security and forensics.

He said that disinformation is happening with lot of investment going into that and so a bad reputation can be created for the nation and its people of India. A simple check on the source would do a lot of good before the message is forwarded.

A S Rajan spoke of the addiction of Mobile phones that is detrimental to the psyche of the users. It has become more prevalent than the addiction to other forms of abuse like drugs. This addiction can alter the life styles and also make it tough for the people to be social. He said we should know its usage and then use them accordingly to our advantage.

He also asked the students to travel the world start with their place and extend it state wise and then check out the geography of the country say North East for example. That would help have a great understanding of the culture and various things of the places.

He also appealed students to join active politics, there was no way politics was going to be better without active participation of young students. It will remain the same if we don’t get few young men to change the course of destiny of this country.

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He was looking forward to seeing more people from this region join the Police forces via the civil services also. He also said there is now a lower number of people joining the police forces due to the interest in medical /engineering studies and some want to go abroad. The challenges of this career is something that will make other envious of this police force. Of course this is a disciplined effort across the career whose day starts early with a roll call for a physical exercise.

Dr. K K Ramachandran, Director of GRD Institute of Management and Vice Principal of the College presided.

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