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Dream, Plan, Execute the powerful mantra of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Dream, Plan, Execute the powerful mantra of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam


The motto I came across while researching Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam’s works was “Dream, plan, execute”. The first word in that line is “Dream”. We have heard a popular saying that those who sleep more are lethargic in nature.

That is why even the lyrics of the movie remembers us “Those who slept well spoiled the country and spoiled themselves”. But it is the dream sleep that has led to some incredible discoveries.

Some ultra-modern technologies are the result of the powerful miraculous dreams that were felt during one’s scientific sleep. For example, It was in his dream that Larry Page had first created the design to build the search Engine ‘GOOGLE’.

The idea of an AC generator first emerged in Nikolai Tesla’s dream. Similarly, James Watson also assumed the DNA helix model structure during sleep. The reason is that the power of dreams can’t be measured. Dreams can stimulate the power to solve complex problems.

A scientific study has found that a man who sleeps on an average of 8 hours a day could have approximately 7 dreams. I.e. a dream for every ninety minutes. Thus a man dreams roughly 2556 times a year and 1,78,850 times for 70years.

We can retrieve our dream. How is that possible? Take computer. It has both permanent and cache memory. In that, we can retrieve the erased information from recycle bin.

In the same way, the brain saves the dream and only when something had happened in our life then it feels like it has happened already in the past.

The interesting thing is that dreams do not come only for humans. What is even more interesting is, we cannot calculate the time on our dream clock and cannot read or write anything.

It is because dreams are related to the actions involved. the power of dreams can make us happy or sad in a dream but also that is possible in real life.

Finally, Dream big, achieve it, and make yourself happy.

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Logesh is a Salem-based freelance writer.


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