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Accidents continue due to damaged road near Pollachi

Accidents continue due to damaged road near Pollachi

Accidents, Pollachi

There is a main road from Pollachi to Anaimalai. This road is frequented by a large number of vehicles daily. The drinking water pipe in Sinivasapuram here broke a few days ago. Thus the water came out on the road. Due to this, the road deteriorated and became a pothole.

But the authorities have not yet taken any action to rehabilitate that road. This route is used by vehicles going to various places including Anaimalai, Vettaikaranputhur, Valarthaya Maram and Kerala. This road is in a state of disrepair and looks bad every day.

Motorists passing through this area are suffering greatly due to this. No action has been taken to report this to the authorities. What motorists said about this: This bumpy road is a daily traffic jam. Authorities have not yet repaired the ditch dug to repair the drinking water pipe.

The road is littered with dirt. Due to this, there is daily traffic congestion in the area and the number of accidents has increased. Couldn’t go fast to places that needed to be rushed. Authorities should therefore take appropriate action to inspect the damaged area and repair it immediately. Thus they said.

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