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Agricultural Machinery Demonstration Mela

Agricultural Machinery Demonstration Mela

Tamil Nadu Agri University

In present situation, it is important to increase the crop production to cater the needs of increasing population. On the other hand, the area under cultivation is reducing day by day due to urbanization. Farmers are experiencing severe labour shortage resulting in poor crop management and increased cost of cultivation and reduced income. Farm mechanization with introduction of new technology and machinery is needed to increase the productivity thereby production of agricultural crops.

The agricultural engineering technologies and machinery play a vital role for increasing the production and reducing the time and cost required for the cultivation. In order to utilize the new technologies and machinery, the present cultivation practice, crop spacing, sowing and planting methods and weeding methods are to be modified to suit the new machinery. Hence, demonstration of such new technologies and machinery is conducted to enable the famers in selection and proper utilization of the above

New technologies and machinery are available from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Agricultural machinery manufacturers. The awareness about new machinery and technologies among farmers is limited. To increase the awareness, Agricultural Engineering college and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is organizing a “Technology and Machinery Demonstration Mela” on
15.02.2019 (Friday) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore in which the new technology and machinery developed by schemes
Viz. AICRP on Farm Implements and Machinery, AICRP on Ergonomics and Safety in Agriculture, AICRP on Post Harvest Technology, AICRP on Bio-Energy and Precision Farming Development Center are being demonstrated.

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The event is aimed at disseminating the available technologies/ machinery in the field of Agricultural Engineering to the farming community. The leading industries involved in the production of various arm machinery, renewable energy system will  also participate to showcase their products during the event. Farmers’ interaction meeting with the scientist of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University will be held during the event.

More than 1000 farmers from all over Tamil Nadu are expected to participate in the Technology and machinery demonstration mela through Krishi Vigyan Kendras. All farmers are invited to attend the Technology and machinery demonstration mela and get first hand information about different agricultural engineering technologies and machinery.

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