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agricultural technology

Improvised Agricultural Technology can eliminate the farmer’s grief

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Tamilnadu Agricultural University’s two new initiatives were launched by Honorable Agricultural and farmer welfare minister MRK Paneer Selvam as published by TOI Coimbatore.

The pelletization of forage crops initiative to improve the productivity of livestock and Implementation of drone technology for spraying fertilizers and surveying crops health.

agricultural technology

The forage crops are nothing but fresh green leaves that are used as food for livestock. In Dry and lean seasons the availability of fresh forages is a doubtful one. To tackle this, researchers came with a solution i.e. grinding the fodder and making it as pellets. So that It can be preserved and stored for future use.

Agricultural technology

In Addition, these pellets can be value added by mixing the proteins, minerals, oilcake, and probiotics for a healthy life. This awareness of these techniques is to be shared among entrepreneurs, cattle growers, and green pellet producers.

Unmanned Aerial Drones

agricultural technology

Secondly, an agricultural purpose drone lab was to be set to standardize and demonstrate drone technologies in agriculture. The drones can be used for diverse purposes such as seed and fertilizer dispersal, crop health assessment, soil moisture estimation, pest resistance, and disease mapping.

These are crucial for the cultivation of healthy food and cash crops.

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