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All members of the public must wear 2 masks

All members of the public must wear 2 masks

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Municipal officials have been raising awareness in Auto to prevent the spread of corona in the Sultanate Union and have informed officials that all members of the public must wear 2 masks.

There are a total of 20 panchayats in the Sultanpet Union, including Warappatti, Vadambacheri, Jallipatti, Sencheripputhur, Papampatti and Kallapalayam. About one lakh people live there. Over the past one month, only a maximum of 10 people per week have been affected by corona. In this case, the corona has been in double digits daily for the past 2 weeks. As a result, various procedures, including night curfew and Sunday full curfew, have been canceled.

This has led to fears among social activists that the spread of corona will increase. Meanwhile, the panchayat administration has been raising awareness among the public and traders about the prevention of corona in autos in several panchayats including Vadambacheri, Warappatti and Sencheripputhur panchayats in the Union to control the spread of corona.

Everyone who comes out of the house must wear a mask. Otherwise a fine of Rs.500 will be imposed. Avoid crowds. Have to stand in line and buy supplies. The individual spacing in the row must be observed. Hands should be washed frequently with soap and disinfectant. Shop staff must wear a mask.

Wear 2 helmets when traveling by bus. Office workers must work wearing a mask. Shop staffs are required to wear a face mask. Do not allow too many people inside the shops. Awareness was created to go to the hospital immediately if there were any signs of infection.

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