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Anma Diner opened in Coonoor

Anma Diner opened in Coonoor


Anma Diner opened its doors in The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu. Spearheaded by founder of MindEscapes, Dipali Sikand, Anma Diner’s launch marks a historic moment for the women of Nilgiris, as the first of its kind social diner powered by an all female team.

Situated above Nilgiris Supermarket in Bedford, Coonoor, Anma Diner offers a delightful all-day breakfast menu that includes English breakfast, waffles, burgers, pastries, cakes, sundaes, eggs to order, classic sandwiches, quiches, beans on toast, creamy chicken on toast, peach melbas, and more, catering to all tastes and preferences.

anma diner

True to its commitment to ecological sustainability, each meal at Anma contributes to the “Hill of Flowers” initiative. This innovative project enriches the local ecosystem by planting a daisy for every dish served, thereby weaving a tapestry of vibrant flora that can be tracked online at

The opening of the diner was marked by a fireside chat between Ms. Supriya Sahu, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary Environment Climate Change and Forests, Government of Tamil Nadu and Upasana Sharma, Regional Head, External Relations and Research at the Vedica Scholars Programme for women. This conversation underscored Anma’s alignment with environmental and social governance.

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Anma Diner transcends the traditional dining experience by embedding compassion in every meal. It is a place where guests can unwind, reconnect, and contribute to a sustainable future.

The diner invites patrons to partake in a movement that harnesses the transformative power of food to uplift spirits, build connections, and foster a more beautiful and sustainable world.

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