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Anti-corruption police raid the home of a former mayor

Anti-corruption police raid the home of a former mayor

AIADMK, SP Velumani

KVN Jayaraman was the Chairman of the No. 4 Veerapandi Municipality next to Periyanayakanpalayam in Coimbatore District from 2001 to 2016. Real Estate Chancellor. He is a member of the AIADMK. Periyanayakanpalayam is also the Secretary of the Eastern Union.

In the last 2011 election nomination, he and his wife had accounted for Rs 1.25 crore in movable and immovable assets. In this context, he had filed a petition in the last 2016 elections alleging that he had movable and immovable assets worth Rs 3.43 crore.

In this context, the Anti-Corruption Police filed a case against KVN Jayaraman and his wife for adding property worth over Rs. 1 crore 45 lakh 75 thousand to their income two days ago.

Anti-corruption police led by Inspector Vijayalakshmi arrived at Jayaraman’s house at 1 pm. They then conducted a home inspection. They then inspected the movable and immovable property, including property documents. The Former Minister SP Velumani, PRG Arunkumar MLA and A.D.M.K. executives gathered there.

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