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What arya said about sarapatta parambarai movie?- 11 oct 2021

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PA. Ranjith is known for his unique path in Tamil Cinema, in which he has thrown light on several aspects that other mainstream filmmakers don’t. Now he makes a departure with a vibrant boxing drama, with the starter Arya as a lead, about two popular two clans in 70’s North Madras.

The makers recreated the location on an expansive set in EVP film city, Chemabarambakkam. For Arya, who earlier did Madrasapatnam(2010) which brings the pre-independence era to light, this is yet another ride to the past. ‘The minute I entered the set, it felt like time travel because I could see people wearing retro costumes and speaking in North madras slang. Only when I came to the caravan I feel the snap off’, Arya says.


Though Tamil Cinema has given more boxing films like M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi, Badri, Boologam, Iruthi Suttru, etc. There’s an inherent problem with the structure of sports-based films in the Tamil industry that it is so predictable. In most films, the protagonist shows a keen interest in sports but the road to success will be filled with thorns. The film will travel on how the protagonist becomes successful in the climax. Whereas Sarpatta Parambarai has a protagonist Kabilan but the film doesn’t travel only with him.

The beauty of Sarpatta Parambarai I feel is the film has powerful lead roles other than Arya. The film might open and end with Kabilan (Arya), but there are several memorable characters John Vijay as Daddy, Shabeer Kallarakkal as Dancing Rose, Pasupathy as Ranga Vathiyar, and John Kokken as Vembuli are the standouts. Vetri played Kaliyarasan which was also to be mentioned. Vembuli from the Idiyappa clan is considered undefeatable and John Kokken has done justice to the role with his masculine physique and expressions.

PA. Ranjith is also known to have powerful female roles in his film. In Kaala, when Anjali Patel’s character is stripped of his trousers, instead of reaching out to her clothes, she picks up the weapon and charges the offenders. It is impossible to forget the applause in theatre for this particular scene. While in Sarpatta Parambarai, the men in the film might be rough and tough in the ring, but back home it’s the woman who rules. Be it Anupama who played Arya’s mother or Mariyamma (Arya’s wife).

Mariyamma is quite aggressive, bold and someone who doesn’t hold back her thoughts. Dushara Vijayan who played Mariyamma states, ‘The number of films I act in doesn’t matter. I’m fine with doing one film in three to four years, as long as I make my presence felt as an actor. I’ve always wanted to be part of the film that has scope for performance’. And to her statement the film is truly a platform to perform, Mariyamma is hard to skip in the process of mentioning the cast.

Arya is well-known for its active fitness regimen in real life. G Thiyagarajan who is fondly called Thiru helped him in the process. Thiru says, he researched various styles of boxing that he could design the character around. He also added, Arya has got a Mohammed Ali-style makeover for his moves inside the ring while actor John Kokken was modeled on the lines of Mike Tyson.

“It was intense. I was trained the way someone would be trained to participate in a State-level boxing tournament” Arya grins.

The film gave a remarkable experience by recreating the mid-70’s with not only the hairstyles, costumes, sets, and language but also they have shown interest in reconstructing the political history of the era which is appreciable. Santhosh Narayanan’s music adds verve to the proceedings and Murali G’s masterful camera work during the boxing matches. Though the film seems long, it is quite an entertainer and must-watch.


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