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Asur welcome to the dark world review

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Asur streaming on the Voot OTT platform is a psychological serial crime thriller. A ritual-performing person wants his baby to be born at an auspicious time but the doctor says it is not possible. He tried his best but nature gave his son’s birth in devil’s birth time.

Frustrated by this he considers his son as a demon treating him likewise in his childhood which instills devilish thoughts in him. He poisons and kills his father as a small boy. It will be shown in the very first scene of the series.

He(shubh) grows under his uncle who realizes his extraordinary memory power and takes him to a psychiatrist who confirmed his IQ is more than normal.

On the other hand, there is forensic professor Dhananjay and his talented student. The first episode shows the brutal killing of women with burns whose killing is recorded and sent to the forensic expert Dhananjay.

He is already working on two previous crimes which took place randomly a few months before which had a peculiar demon mask left at the crime scenes. Now he finds a recording at his doorstep which reveals the victim to be his own wife getting killed by the same demon mask killer.

On the other hand, his talented student working as a forensic professor in college and lives with his family. After each killing by the demon mask killer, he is the first one who receives a WhatsApp coordinate about the murder and has to forward it to the crime branch. He is confused about who is that linking him unwantedly to the crime branch.

The third victim is the expert’s wife whose coordinate has also been sent to his student makes the professor himself suspect and do they bring his student to work in this case in his place.

Killer’s clever planning leads to the locking up of both of them. one of them is in jail and one of them is kidnapped and used by him for his further murders.

The crime branch is confused about the killer as everyone whom he selects r random from different places and they try to find similar aspects between his victims.

The killer uses the clever guy Nikhil Nair(current professor) whom he kidnaps and blackmails to give the plan map to execute his murder even those of high profile otherwise he would hurt his family.

The senior professor (Dhananjay Rajpoot) works inside jail secretly for the crime branch as he is the only one who could solve this.

The teacher finds out that the missing student is done giving plans for d killer’s next murders and the student inside leaves a clue to his teacher about the killer in each of his next murders.

With the audience damn sure that shubh(demon time born boy now) is the killer, the director twists the viewers badly till the end as to who is the shubh.

Did the teacher find the clues in the murders? did the escape? did they find who is the killer? These questions engage the rest of the series in a nail-biting manner.

This has eight episodes each of around 40mins duration which has ample twists to keep the viewers glued and ends with a bang lead for the next season.

This is a series that is a must-watch for crime thriller genre lovers go for it!!

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