17th January 2022
  • 17th January 2022

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Medical Miracle: Surgery to put a pig’s heart in the human body!!

by on 12th January 2022 0

Physicians are those who are equally respected by God. Physicians and medicine are doing untold benefits to humans. Through many, many new discoveries and efforts, many contributions have been made to mankind. Physicians in America have set a new record in that regard. U.S. surgeons have successfully transplanted a pig’s heart (‘porcine’ heart) into a […]

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The ‘door of hell’ is no longer open to anyone!! This is the reason!

by on 11th January 2022 0

The ‘Gateway to Hell’, a popular tourist destination in Turkmenistan, is about to close. President Kurbanguli Berdymukhametov has ordered the extinguishing of a fire that has been burning here for years. The decision was made citing the adverse effects on the health of people living around the ‘gates of hell’. The natural gas crater, known […]

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