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Back to back victory for farmers; the vision is to strengthen their rights

By Team YourCoimbatore on 6th December 2021
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The recent judgment from PPV& FRA (Protection of Plant varieties and Farmers Rights Authority) revoked the case filed by the Multinational giant Pepsico against potato harvesting farmers. It was the second major decision in the context of protecting farmers rights.

In 2019, pepsico filed a case regarding the unlawful production and distribution of FL-2027 variant potato seeds by the farmers, which was registered by the company under PPV&FRA.

The unique variant potato used for producing Lays, a potato chips brand, was introduced in India during 2009. The specially harvested potatoes was procured from farmers through contract farming. In which the seeds will be distributed by the company to the farmers and in return the produce will be procured.

The tensions arose when the farmers who were not a part of the contract started cultivating and selling the FL-2027 variety potatoes. Considered it as a law infringement the company filed a lawsuit against nine farmers in the Gujarat.

The final judgment has remarked that farmers has the right to produce and sell a seed variety even though it is protected because it is unbranded. Earlier, a month the farm act was revoked in the parliament. The subsequent victory adds support to the Farmers Rights.


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