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Booster Dosage for frontline workers and senior citizens from Jan 10 in Coimbatore:

Booster Dosage for frontline workers and senior citizens from Jan 10 in Coimbatore:

Vaccination Booster Dosage

The health department is all set to go ahead with the plans to administer the booster (third) dose of vaccine to the frontline workers and senior citizens from January 10.
A senior health department official said there should not be any cross vaccination and the third dose should be the same as the earlier two doses of vaccine.

The government will be sending an SMS to the eligible elderly population to remind them for taking the third dose which is the booster dose. All persons aged 60 years and above will be eligible for a booster dose only if they are vaccinated with two doses.

People who have completed 39 weeks after taking the second dose are eligible for the booster dose. Health officials anticipate huge demand for the third dose among the senior citizens with comorbidities in the wake of the rise in Omicron cases.

The official said it would be challenging to find the vaccine taken by people who do not have vaccination certificates. S Rajan, 60, said he had visited  Periyanaickenpalayam government hospital for vaccination certificate, but in vain. He was inoculated during a private vaccination camp at Periyanaickenpalayam market. Since there is no proof of vaccination, it is difficult to generate a certificate for him and identify the vaccine that he had taken.

“We have given a slip to the people who were inoculated in government hospitals. People can show the same as a proof of vaccination and get the booster dose,” the official said. Many health workers are now engaged in vaccinating people in the age group of 15-18 years. More than 11,000 students were vaccinated on Monday. On Tuesday, another 17,028 students were inoculated in the district.

“While the target is 1.61 lakh students, we want to finish the vaccination before January 10 to avoid additional burden on the health workers who will then be busy with administering the booster dose and handling the challenges associated with the same,” the official said.

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Registration and appointment services can be accessed through the online and the onsite modes, and the details of the administration of the precaution dose will be reflected in the vaccination certificates.


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