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Booster should be vaccinated! Order to the staff!

Booster should be vaccinated! Order to the staff!

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Due to the growing epidemic many companies are constantly advising their employees to continue to be vaccinated against corona. In that regard, Apple has imposed some restrictions on employees working in its direct and branch companies. This means that individuals eligible for the booster vaccine for Govt 19 infection must be vaccinated within 4 weeks.

From February 15, employees will be routinely screened for corona at their respective stores. Apple has also said that those who have not yet been vaccinated or have submitted a certificate of vaccination to the company will have to submit a Certificate of No-COV-19 from January 24th.

Regarding the Covit-19 vaccine, Apple said that in the context of the spread of the disease, the vaccines initially given for corona virus are not strong enough to control the spread of Omicron, and the booster vaccines currently being given are designed to combat it.

Last year the company only allowed its employees to be tested for corona virus on a daily basis before being allowed into the company. Meta has also ordered its employees to be vaccinated with the booster vaccine. But Google did not force the booster vaccine but advised to pay the first two doses and get tested once a week.

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