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Booth slips should not be given to political parties

Booth slips should not be given to political parties

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Voting for the urban local elections will take place on the 19th. Pollachi municipality has 89 polling booths ready for voters.

In this context, a consultation meeting was held yesterday at the Pollachi Municipal Office for the polling officials. The meeting was chaired by Election Officer Thanumurthy.
Then he said: –

Polling agents should go house to house and provide booth slips to voters. Keep in mind the date and time of booth delivery. And don’t give the booth slip to political parties.

Problems can arise unnecessarily if given to political parties. Strict action will be taken against those who give booth slips to political parties in violation of election rules.

Booth slip should be fully delivered house to house in 2 days. Missing voters must be provided on polling day. Supervisors should oversee the work of providing booth slip.

Everyone must work to conduct elections in an honest manner. And to create awareness among the voters by insisting on 100 per cent turnout in the elections. Thus he said.

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The meeting was attended by many including Assistant Returning Officers, Zonal Officers and Polling Officers. Similarly, a consultation meeting was held for the polling officials regarding the distribution of booth slips in the municipalities.

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