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Cancer can be detected using a genetically modified worm

Cancer can be detected using a genetically modified worm

Cancer detection

Japanese scientists use genetically modified worms to diagnose cancer. Scientists say a genetically modified worm is more likely to consume odors. The urine of cancer patients can confirm that they have the disease. Genetically modified worms can be used for this, according to the Japanese biotech firm involved in the research.

Japanese Biotech Company has developed a new method to help diagnose pancreatic cancer at an early stage. This technique involves the use of a genetically modified worm. “C. The worm “elegans” was developed by the Japanese company Herodzu BioScience.

The body fluids of Cancer Patients are different from the body fluids of healthy people. Based on this, experiments have been performed with trained dogs to diagnose the disease in breath or urine samples. However, this method can take a long time to diagnose.

The genetically modified worm, currently being developed by a Japanese company, is one millimeter long and has a high consumption capacity. Scientists say that by using this worm, cancer can be detected early. In separate tests conducted by the company, the worms correctly identified all 22 urine samples obtained from pancreatic cancer patients. It is hoped that this method will be universally welcomed, as it includes samples of people in the early stages of the disease.

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