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Cannabis hunt continues in Coimbatore

Cannabis hunt continues in Coimbatore

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Drug hunting has been going on all over Tamil Nadu since December 6. Police took action and arrested the drug offenders. In that regard, 9,500 offenders have been arrested in drug cases in the last month.

Meanwhile, an express train is currently running from Coimbatore to Alappuzha in Kerala via Jharkhand via Coimbatore. The Railway Security Force police received a tip-off that some people were hoarding cannabis on the train.

Following this, the Railway Security Force police checked the train which reached Coimbatore at 8:15 am. During the search, police found packets of cannabis under the No. 1 ticket inbox D3 on the train.

They then seized 7 cannabis packets. Their total weight is 7 kg. Its value is Rs. 1 lakh seems to be 40 thousand. The investigation revealed that a mysterious person travelling on the train had smuggled cannabis packets from the North to Kerala. It was revealed that the police came to check on them and they put away the cannabis packets.

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