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Capturing the truck that was loading the waste

Capturing the truck that was loading the waste


Government High School is functioning at Puliyampatti near Pollachi. The truck carrying the garbage broke down at a private place near the school. And the bundles in the truck fell down. It was reported that waste was being dumped in the area at this stage. Following this, the public gathered there and captured the lorry.

The Mahalingapuram police were informed about this. Police rushed to the spot and conducted an investigation. The investigation revealed that the Kerala state of Ernakulam district loaded waste from Perumbavoor and went to Wattalakundu area of Theni district. Meanwhile, the lorry driver apparently said that he could not go to Wattalakundu as he had to go to load the coconut into the cauldron.

It was later revealed that the lorry was driven with waste to a private place in Puliyampatti to be loaded in another lorry. The truck also contained plastic waste and medical waste. Police said there were about 10 tonnes of waste in the bundles. Meanwhile, the panchayat administration also conducted an investigation there. The public also said that action should be taken against those who came to dump garbage as there is a school and flats nearby.

Police are patrolling the Gopalapuram, Naduppuni, Meenatchipuram and Govindapuram check posts on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. So there is no chance of Larry coming into Tamil Nadu without the knowledge of the police. So social activists said action should be taken against the police who are negligent in their duty at the check posts.

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