7th December 2021
  • 7th December 2021

“Make a run and Make worth for Nobel” Proven Identity of Abdulrazak Gurnah

by on 13th October 2021 0

Abdulrazak Gurnah; The Nobel laureate for English literature 2021   Ran for life in his 20’s, feared for the terror, and settled in London. Racism, discrimination, and nationality made him suffer his old days. Now the fruit has ripened and he won Nobel Prize for his wonderful piece of work “uncompromising and compassionate penetration of...

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J’s Take! ISRO’s successful launch of GSLV Mark – III

by on 7th June 2017 0

Indian Space Research Organisation has once again asserted its supremacy in the domain of space technology  by having successfully launched heaviest Geo synchronous satellite launch vehicle GSLV Mark-III with a 3.1 tonne communication satellite precisely in to earth’s orbit. The fabulous achievement of ISRO has not only made India self – reliant when it...

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J’s Take: Education Reforms!

by on 1st June 2017 0

Hi Folks, we at YourCoimbatore.com are very pleased to introduce this new column, J’s Take. Presenting Mr. M Jeyaram who will share his thoughts on current affairs, the subject of his choice and all that issues that affect us. We are starting this with his views on Education… The present school education system with...

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Demonetization- a lay person view

by on 25th November 2016 1

I am no economist or political analyst. I am a layperson with some interest in politics, social life and economics. I was in deep slumber unaware of what this country is undergoing when WhatsApp messages started flooding on the night of November 8th. I am an urban middle class woman, living in IT capital...

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PSG Institutions celebrates 90 years of service to education and industry!

by on 5th November 2016 0

Honourable Minister for HRD, Govt of India, Shri. Prakash Javadekar releasing an Education Policy document at the 90th anniversary celebration of PSG Institutions with the Managing Trustee Shri R Gopalakrishnan, Former Managing Trustee, Shri G R Karthikeyan and Dr. P Radhakrishnan Honourable Minister for HRD, Govt of India, Shri Prakash Javadekar addressing at the 90th...

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Hello Coimbatore!

by on 1st September 2016 0

Welcome to YourCoimbatore.com – all things coimbatore! We have great pleasure in building this up from here… this is a blog for all things coimbatore. We live in a great place and we believe there is so much happening in Coimbatore across arts, science, engineering startup and what not, this is the platform for all...

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