19th October 2021
  • 19th October 2021

God’s own country faces His fury

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Kerala is in trouble as the Northeast monsoon gains momentum across the state. Incessant rains followed by landslides have left the government machinery and the volunteers restless. The dreadful visuals of a house being washed away, a father and son clinging onto the sides of a bus before being saved and bodies being dug...

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by on 25th September 2021 0

International Moringa Research Organization (IMRO) hereby announces its awards for various categories in Moringa sector of Tamil Nadu. Applications / Nominations are invited for the different awards as mentioned below: 1. Tamil Nadu Moringa Scientist Award 2. Moringa Young Scientist Award 3. Progressive Moringa farmer Award 4. Progressive Organic Moringa farmer Award 5. Moringa...

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Improvised Agricultural Technology can eliminate the farmer’s grief

by on 29th July 2021 2

Tamilnadu Agricultural University’s two new initiatives were launched by Honorable Agricultural and farmer welfare minister MRK Paneer Selvam as published by TOI Coimbatore. The pelletization of forage crops initiative to improve the productivity of livestock and Implementation of drone technology for spraying fertilizers and surveying crops health. The forage crops are nothing but fresh...

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Horticulture department plans to increase sales: attracts people attention – 28thJuly 2021

by on 28th July 2021 1

The Coimbatore district Horticulture department plans to expand the Thottakalai sales by inoculating a wide variety of medicinal plants as reported by TOI COIMBATORE Horticulture The science and art of the development, sustainable production, marketing, and use of high-value, intensively cultivated food and ornamental plants. The outlet planned to be opened by the Coimbatore...

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Onion grader – a machine to wipe tears of small marginal farmers in Coimbatore – 27July2021

by on 27th July 2021 2

ICAR- Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering has developed a customed motorised onion grader to sort small onions into three sizes and a cleaner according to the news reported by TIMES OF INDIA The problems in procuring the onions for export are muddy and dissimilar sized onions, despite its good quality. Most of the onion...

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Tamil Nadu Farmer Received Progressive Farmer Award 2019 in All India Level

by on 1st April 2019 0

Dindigul district Thandigudi Village farmer Th. PRM. Ravichandran received ICFA progressive Farmer Award 2019 in the category of Farm Extension during 2nd All India Progressive Farmers Convention 2019 jointly organized by Indian Council of Food and Agriculture, New Delhi and All India Farmers Alliance at Constitution Club, New Delhi. He was honoured by Hon’ble...

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Workshop In Pursuit Of Enhancing TNAU’s Global Eminence and Visibility

by on 15th March 2019 0

A one day workshop on “In pursuit of enhancing TNAU’s global eminence and visibility” was conducted at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, on 14th March, 2019. Nearly 100 faculty members of TNAU of various cadres such as Deans, Directors and Professors participated in this workshop. Earlier Dr. MuraliKrishnasamy, Professor (Directorate of Planning and Monitoring)...

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