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Cellex aims to put Coimbatore on the global map of Lithium Battery ecosystem

Cellex aims to put Coimbatore on the global map of Lithium Battery ecosystem


Cellex today unveiled their range of energy storage systems that has been under research for over 4 years at a glittering ceremony at the ITC Welcom Hotel.

Cellex today unveiled their lithium based energy storage systems for applications across  Defence, Renewable Energy Storage, Data Centres, Electric Vehicles, Commercial / Household Energy Storage, Space Technology, Telecom and Other Infrastructure Projects like Mining and Railways.

cellex celtanSpeaking at the unveiling of the products, Pramoth Madhavan, Co Founder and CEO said, “It’s been in the works for over 4 years and we are proud to unveil our products to the world today. We hope to make Coimbatore a place to reckon with in the global map of Lithium ion Batteries and storage systems. We are now addressing the long term requirements of the energy storage industry.”

“One of our best features in the warranty that we can offer that has arisen out of our proprietary IP which helps retain the battery life for more cycles.”

The products are now ready for the market and the design and packaging has world class standards and YourCoimbatore feels happy that this is product from Kovai #makeinKovai.

As a precursor to the market penetration, Cellex has entered into a MOU with Sparxcharge a mobile EV Charging solutions provider. The MOU exchange happened with Mr. Imitiaz, of Sparxcharge and Mr. Jose Joseph, Co Founder of Cellex. This will be a show case for Celtan on its technology standard and will help it forge market fit across diverse market.

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