7th December 2021
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Chennai we are with you! #vardha #cyclone #devastation

By on 13th December 2016 0 110 Views
One picture from the media

One picture from the media

Yesterday the way the winds blew the electric poles and shattered window panes we got to know how helpless we are as humans in the fight against nature. The only silverlining was the preparedness that had gone into the psyche and the Govt ready with some real relief measures. But the pictures and videos were earth shattering in real sense and that made us look like small ants under a gush of a water fall.

The times are a changing is perhaps the best way to describe this, probably we never thought we would see such sights in our own backyard. We were held captive to katrina and the other winds across the American continent. The devastation would be same sans loss of human lives.

One particular video that did rounds held my faith in humanity and the self belief in human perseverance and endurance. Mind you I am motorsports fan and this is one of the most oft used word in motorsports. I saw the video and I was encouraged to share it on twitter.


Chennai we are with you at this hour of disaster.

Senthilkumar Rajappan