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China has created the world’s first artificial intelligence judge

China has created the world’s first artificial intelligence judge

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China, which has evolved from supercomputers to robots, has now, for the first time in the world, created an AI judge, that is, a judge with artificial intelligence. China has said the judge will hear oral arguments and give 97 percent correct judgment.

This judge was produced by the Shanghai Pudong People’s Attorney. China hopes that the workload of lawyers will be reduced with the help of technology. In some cases, the court office said, the AI judge could hear the case and issue judgments. This machine can be used on desktop computer.

This AI judge analyzes billions of data in his system. This artificial intelligence judge has been created using thousands of cases around the world. These cases are from 2015 to 2020.

For now this judge has the ability to deal with dangerous drivers, credit card fraud and theft cases. But the Chinese people do not welcome this. A lawyer would say, “Technically, you can judge 97 percent accurately, but there is always a chance of error,” and who is responsible if something goes wrong? The question arises as to who will be the lawyer, the machine or the algorithm designer.

“With the help of artificial intelligence called AI, mistakes can be detected, but it cannot take the place of humans in decision making,” said one lawyer. China has done just that in the AI sector, with the British intelligence agency warning that the threat posed by China and Russia is growing.

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