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China’s crooked nuclear hypersonic weapons test, that travels 5 times faster compare than the sound

By Team YourCoimbatore on 19th October 2021
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The United States, Russia and China are developing hypersonic weapons, including rocket-propelled glide vehicles. But it was told in a news article that they are orbiting the earth at their own pace.
The London-based Financial Times reported on Saturday that China had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic glide missile in August, based on evidence from China. The missile is said to have orbited the Earth once before reaching its target. This hypersonic missile is 5 times faster than the speed of sound.
According to the Financial Times, 5 people who were familiar with China’s operations reported that the Chinese military had fired a rocket carrying a hypersonic missile. It is also said to have hit its target after circling in low orbit.
The report said that the test had taken US intelligence by surprise. Three people who spoke to intelligence said the missile had “missed” its target more than 2 dozen miles away.
But the two said that China has made remarkable progress in hypersonic weapons and that studies show that it is advancing faster than US officials have realized. The FD says the test raises new questions as to why the United States often underestimates China’s military modernization.
Citing a security official and another Chinese defence expert close to the People’s Liberation Army, the weapon is said to have been developed under the state-owned China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, China Space Science and Technology Institute.
This C.A.A. (China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics (CAAA)) is a component that manufactures missiles and rockets for China’s space programs. Both sources said the missile was launched on a Long March rocket used for the space program.
According to the news, two people who are well aware of this test have mentioned that this weapon will travel as far as the South Pole. This will be a major challenge for the U.S. military as its missile defence systems focus on the North Pole. Citing technology at the China Academy of Launch Vehicles, they noted on their official social media pages on July 19 that the Long March 2C rocket was launched in their 77th test.
India’s DRDO Conducted hypersonic tests in September last year. When questioned about China’s test, the exact details of the technology used by China in this particular test were not known by media sources. But most hypersonic vehicles primarily use Scramjet technology.
This complex technology has to be able to handle higher temperatures, which makes hypersonic systems more expensive. It’s about how long you can keep computers in those extreme conditions. The senior researcher of DRDO said that most of the world’s military forces are involved in the creation of hypersonic systems. Scramjets are machines designed to handle the speed of the wind at the speed of sound.
The nations of the world must pay close attention to this test, especially India. Retired Air Marshal and former Air Chief Marshal Bhushan Gokhale said India should do this because of the recent relations between the two countries. Such capabilities pose a threat to our space assets.
An attack force operating at this speed increases the need to build defence systems at the same speed. India is also researching hypersonic projects. As far as space assets are concerned, India has already proven its capabilities through the ASAT test.
The hypersonic technology has been developed and tested by DRDO and ISRO. The Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) successfully launched the missile in September last year. The rocket motor of a stationary Agni missile was carried to an altitude of 30 km.
There the vehicle disassembled as planned and the hypersonic combustion continued. The missile then continued in the desired trajectory for more than 20 seconds at a speed six times faster than the speed of sound.
Scramjet was created like a book. Through this successful experiment, several important technologies such as aerodynamic configuration for hypersonic manoeuvres, scramjet propulsion to ignition and prolonged combustion in hypersonic flow, thermo-structural characterization of high-temperature materials, and hypersonic velocity separation mechanism were demonstrated. DRDO’s Advanced Hypersonic Wind Tunnel (HWT) testing facility was inaugurated in Hyderabad last December.

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