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Chinese parents giving chicken blood to children: This is the bizarre reason

Chinese parents giving chicken blood to children: This is the bizarre reason

Chinese parents

There can be no parents who do not want their children to be talented. But, there are some who do some weird things for it.

Chinese parents who want their children to be ‘super kids’ and succeed in every field have glorified it by spreading the idea of ‘chicken parenting’ in their country. Chicken parenting is a bizarre way of raising children. In this, parents/guardians inject their children with ‘chicken blood’. According to The Singapore Post, they believe it could be the only cure for many health problems, including infertility, cancer, and baldness.

These chicken blood steroids also increase high efficacy in children. Thus children are the most active of all in the educational game. This is believed to increase their performance manifold. According to, this ‘chicken baby’ concept has become very popular in the country. Especially in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, many ‘crazy middle-class Chinese parents’ are very serious about this.

The chicken parenting style is similar to “helicopter parenting” in the United States. Parents who raise their children in this style will be in the frenzy that one school is not enough for their children and only good marks are not enough. These are the parents who are always counting on how to make their children unique because all of these are available to all children.

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