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Coimbatore city Corporation found out the fuel corruption in garbage collection vehicles

Coimbatore city Corporation found out the fuel corruption in garbage collection vehicles

Coimbatore City Corporation, fuel corruption

In an internal audit of diesel used by door-to-door garbage collection vehicles, the city corporation officials have found out a difference of more than Rs 2.8 lakh of fuel being used excessively in August when compared with September this year.

The corporation operates GPS-fitted garbage collection vehicles in its five zones. The audit was carried out in the central zone where 29 GPS-fitted light commercial vehicles are used.

Deputy commissioner of city corporation Dr M Sharmila said that they compared the drivers’ claimed distance and GPS data for August in the central zone with September.

While the difference between drivers’ claims and GPS data worked out to be 3,376 litres of diesel in August, it nosedived to 66 litres in September. As per the logbook, 3,376 litres of diesel had cost Rs 2,81,790 for the corporation. The GPS data revealed that drivers often deviated from given routes.

The drivers had been making a fast buck by siphoning off the corporation’s funds in this modus operandi for many months. The corporation has employed its staff as well as people on contract to drive these vehicles. Following the revelation in the central zone, officials are checking the GPS data of other zones of the city corporation.

“The reduction in the fuel use was made possible because the vehicles were monitored using GPS daily and fuel was rationed accordingly,” Sharmila said.

A driver on the condition of anonymity said most drivers operating light commercial vehicles are contract staff. Only a handful of them is the regular staff. He said drivers alone cannot be blamed for the pilferage.

The corporation operates 209 light commercial vehicles, of which 145 are fitted with GPS. An official in charge of vehicles said that diesel is supplied to each vehicle through private bunks tied up with the civic body. Each vehicle involved in the door-to-door collection makes three trips a day, covering around 60-70km.

There will be two conservancy workers in each vehicle apart from the driver. Each vehicle covers the same distance every day. Sanitary inspectors, who are in charge of the vehicles, issue tokens for fuel every day based on the distance covered by them.

The average mileage of these vehicles is around 10km per litre. But vehicles, which were purchased before 2013 might give one km less, he said.


Total number of light commercial vehicles used for door-to-door garbage collection – 209

Number of vehicles fitted with GPS – 145

Number of vehicles to get GPS – 17

Each zone has 29 GPS-fitted vehicles

The average mileage expected from the vehicles is 10km/l.

A process of fixing fresh routes for each vehicle underway

Issues noticed through GPS analysis in the central zone:

August 2021:

Distance claimed by drivers: Around 64,060km

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Distance travelled as per GPS device: Around 33,760km

The difference in the distance – 30,300km

September 2021:

Distance claimed by drivers: Around 22,660km

Distance travelled as per GPS device: Around 22,000km

The difference in the distance: 660km

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