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Coimbatore Corporation is about to reopen Ganapathy Waste Transit Station

By Team YourCoimbatore on 21st November 2021
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To Improve or rather restore the way it transported the waste collected from the streets, the Coimbatore Corporation is planning to reopen the transit station on Sathyamangalam Road, Ganapathy.

The Corporation and waste management contractor, Coimbatore Integrated Waste Management Company Pvt. Ltd., were forced to shut down the transit station when the Highways Department took up construction of the flyover on Dr Nanjappa Road – Sathyamangalam Road.

The closure forced the contractor company to divert the vehicles it sent to Ganapathy to the transit stations in Peelamedu and Ukkadam. The contract company that was supposed to build and operate four transit stations as per the agreement it had signed with the Coimbatore Corporation – Ganapathy, Peelamedu, Ukkadam and Ondipudur – could build only three.

It could not proceed with the construction at Ondipudur because of opposition from the area residents. At the time of closing the Ganapathy transit station, only three were operational.

Closing the Ganapathy station burdened the contractor company as it had diverted the 125 tonnes of waste a day to the other two transit stations. And, this resulted in the company operating the stations in two shifts of eight hours each.

Sources familiar with the issue said even after the Highways Department completed the flyover construction, neither the Corporation nor the contractor company was able to reopen the transit station because of failure to reach an agreement on who would refinance the reconstruction.

The contractor company argued that the Corporation should bear the cost and the latter said it was the company’s responsibility. At the time of constructing the plant, the contractor company had invested 35% of the cost and the Corporation the rest. The contractor company also argued that as the Corporation had shut the plant to facilitate the government project, it should either ask the Highways Department to compensate the loss or own up the cost.

As things went back and forth between the two, the delay in reopening the Ganapathy station continued and so did the burden on the Peelamedu and Ukkadam transit stations to process the additional waste.

Meanwhile, the contractor company engaged a consultant to utilise the remaining space in the Ganapathy station to reopen the plant. The sources said the consultant had prepared a plan for ₹ 3.50 crore, which the contractor company had submitted to the Corporation for perusal.

The Corporation officials said the civic body had written to the State government for concurrence to utilise the Central Finance Commission fund for rebuilding the plant.
If the government were to give the concurrence and the Corporation were to reopen the plant, it would be able to save on the fuel used to transfer waste to the Peelamedu and Ukkadam stations.


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