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Coimbatore corporation plans to improve water supply

Coimbatore corporation plans to improve water supply

water supply

To ensure houses in the far end of a water line get an adequate supply, the corporation has sent a detailed project report to the commissioner of municipal administration to install valves in the water distribution lines for 5.30 crore.

Once cleared, the corporation will roll out the project in 40 wards that have been left out in the round-the-clock water supply project. Other 60 of the 100 wards in the city are covered under the project implemented by
Suez, a French company.

What happens at present is a section of houses in a stretch gets more than 40 hours of water supply, whereas a section of houses in the far end of a distribution line hardly gets a few hours of supply, said corporation commissioner
Raja Gopal Sunkara.

Overflowing of sumps results in wastage of water in areas where water was supplied for long hours. Automation of water supply using the new valves can bring down water wastage and ensure efficient supply, he said.

While automated drinking water supply ensures equal pressure across the distribution lines in the 60 wards, the civic body is planning to introduce the same in the rest of the 40 wards utilizing its fund.

“Equal and adequate distribution of water is a top priority for the civic body. At present, a turncock is manually operating valves. It results in unequal distribution of water, and no accurate data is available on the quantity of water distributed to each area,” the commissioner said.

“As the electricity minister promised people during makkal sabha programmes, drinking water will be distributed once in two days. Once the bulk flow meters are installed at the required places, the quantity of water drawn at the reservoir will be compared with the quantity of water that reaches households.

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We can also ensure equal and adequate distribution of water to all areas,” he added.Water is a basic necessity of the people. So the corporation should make a proper plan on distributing water to all areas.


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