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Coimbatore Corporation plans to sell damaged street lights and school furniture

Coimbatore Corporation plans to sell damaged street lights and school furniture

Coimbatore Corporation, old street lights and school furniture

Coimbatore Corporation recently undertook a cleaning exercise to set right the administration. It decided to sell off old, faulty street lights, fittings and poles, old and damaged school furniture and remove a few non-tax items from its demand list.

The Corporation undertook the exercise at the October Council meetings, the details of which it made public a few days ago. In a resolution, the Corporation said after it decided to sell off old and faulty street lights with fittings, it called for tender from interested parties.

It had received three bids for the 67,878 lights that included 20W tube lights, CFL bulbs and 400w sodium vapour lamps. It had assessed the value of the 67,878 lights and fittings at ₹ 74 lakh.

Of the three bids, Chennai-based Global Steel company had placed its bid for ₹ 74.85 lakh, which was the highest. The Council, therefore, decided to award the tender to the company, the Council resolution said.

Likewise, the Corporation decided to float tenders to sell off 1,319 items that heads of its schools had identified as scrap. The items included chairs, desks, racks, name boards, electronic accessories, etc.

After the school heads had identified and listed those items, the Corporation had constituted a team comprising assistant commissioner, Revenue, and zonal assistant executive engineers to arrive at the value of each of those items.

Based on the team’s recommendation, the Corporation would soon be floating a tender, said another resolution. The Corporation also used the October Council meeting to correct a few anomalies in the list of non-tax demands.

For long, the Corporation had not updated the list of shops or markets or other assets it let out on rent or annual lease. The result of working with the old list was that it continued to include those items in the list of shops or markets or other assets to be let out on rent or auctioned for annual lease.

It identified 23 such assets and removed those from the list and also brought down its non-tax demand by Rs. 1.38 crore as it had demolished those shops or buildings or they were dilapidated to be given out on rent, the Council resolution said.

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In another major financial cleaning exercise, the Corporation decided to halve the caution and security deposits of 48 shops as it could not rent out those. The Corporation said it had made more than 10 attempts in the last three financial years to let out those shops but failed.

It understood that caution and security deposits being high was one of the reasons and therefore decided to bring down the deposits from Rs. 1.19 crore to around Rs. 59 lakhs. The City Corporation may use that sold street lights and school furniture money to the welfare of the people.


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