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Coimbatore Corporation puts up banners against public dumping waste in open places

Coimbatore Corporation puts up banners against public dumping waste in open places

Dumping waste, public

A corporation sanitary inspector has installed banners at a few places in wards 57 and 64, warning people that they are under the surveillance of CCTV cameras and not to dump waste on the spot.

“This is a clean spot. Do not dump garbage here. This place is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. Fine will be levied, if there is any violation,” the banners read.

Sanitary inspector SR Gerald Sathiyapunithan said the CCTV cameras were not installed at all and the banners were put up only to deter people from dumping waste on roadsides. “The move has brought positive changes and people have stopped dumping garbage at the places where the banners have been erected.”

Sathiyapunithan said a couple of years ago he had made use of the CCTV cameras that were installed at stores and houses to monitor the places where garbage dumping was rampant and the same had paid dividends.

“I am planning to adopt the same modus operandi wherever possible in the wards under me. Meanwhile, we have bettered our door-to-door waste collection performance and urged the residents to segregate degradable and non-degradable waste at the source. While there is an initial reluctance among the residents, we are confident of winning their full cooperation soon,” he said.

As per the instruction of higher officials, Sathiyapunithan said, he was in the process of reducing the number of bins in his wards. “Recently, we had removed a bin from an important stretch at Lakshmipuram in ward 57. Now, the stretch is cleaner.

We have created awareness among the residents on the importance of keeping their surrounding areas clean and now they are handing over waste to sanitary workers without any fail.”

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