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Coimbatore Corporation to launch Integrated Command and Control Center on August 7

Coimbatore Corporation to launch Integrated Command and Control Center on August 7

The Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC), set up under the Smart Cities Mission by the Coimbatore Corporation, is expected to be launched on August 7.

Officials from the civic body said the ICCC, a project worth ₹14.11 crore with eight major components, had a soft launch a few days ago and would officially be opened on Monday, August 7.
The operations in the center will be manned by Head of Technology Jai Ganesh, Development Head Shankar and Smart City Architect Jaganathan Kannan.

According to a release, ICCC offers a dynamic web-based platform that collects information from different sources into a single user interface and presents the most relevant information according to the context.

The ICCC will have an edge data centre, real-time surveillance, variable display boards, a Coimbatore-centric non-tax analytical system, Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) for all 483 Corporation-owned waste disposal vehicles, biometric attendance management, air quality monitoring, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, smart street lights and grievances redress system integration.

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At a meeting with a national media team, Commissioner M. Prathap said AVLS had led to savings of around 10% in total fuel expenses. The system had helped reduce empty rides and long-hour breaks taken by vehicles, resulting in these savings, he added. According to Mr. Ganesh, roughly 20 Corporation staff for running, and 40 for implementing have been deployed for the center. An additional 10 for support management will be appointed soon.

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