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Coimbatore: Cracker ban fails, Air Pollution levels shot up in the city

By Team YourCoimbatore on 6th November 2021
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Air pollution levels shot up in the city on Diwali day due to the extensive use of fireworks. Data collated by the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board ( TNPCB) revealed a four-fold increase in particulate matter compared to the week before the festival.

TNPCB officials monitored pollution levels at kavundampalayam, a residential area and the Coimbatore Collectorate, a commercial area to measure the difference.
PM 10 ( particulate matter) levels touched 209 micrograms per cubic meter at kavundampalayam and 203 ug/m3 at the collector’s office area. Noise levels also increased significantly, the average noise level recorded between 6 pm and 12 am on Diwali was 73 decibels, an increase by 11 decibels compared to other days.

Every year the various boards seem to wake up to the problem of pollution only during Diwali and Bhogi. What is needed is year-round planning and if need be, even rationing of crackers to keep pollution under check. The state government limited the bursting of crackers for two hours. But no one seemed to obey it.

Why don’t we think to celebrate Diwali in another way without crackers?People should think about the choking of air with harmful firecrackers.


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