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Coimbatore: Dengue cases spike in the city

Coimbatore: Dengue cases spike in the city


The recent spike in infection rate has forced the city health officials to intensify the anti-dengue drive. City health officer Dr Sathish Kumar said 28 dengue cases were reported in the corporation limits so far this month. “Compared to last year, it is an “alarming increase” in the cases. There is a new case every day. To curb the spread, we have decided to implement precautionary measures strictly.”

He said the frequent spells of rain was one of the reasons for the increase in dengue cases this year. “We are conducting more tests as well and hence more cases are being identified. An area with a dengue case will be considered a hotspot and from there we will collect serum samples for testing.”

The officer said 64 medical camps were being conducted in the city daily by 32 urban primary health centres. He said 800 domestic breeding checkers were deployed to fight dengue. “Each worker is allotted 600-700 houses, where they will check for mosquito breeding grounds. They have been asked to cover all the houses once in a week.”

Corporation commissioner Raja Gopal Sunkara has instructed the domestic breeding checkers to fine the residents, who fail to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds on their premises. The fine for homes will go up to Rs.2000 and for the companies will be fined up to Rs.25000.

The official said all the 70 handheld fogging machines and the five mounted on vehicles were being pressed into service daily to eliminate the Aedes mosquitoes. “Fogging is done twice a day for a week in hotspot areas. We are closely monitoring both the normal and dengue fever cases in private hospitals.”

People should be aware of dengue and keep their homes and surrounding clean without any water stagnating materials. In case if anyone finds fever, they should go and check in the Primary Health Centre nearby. Let’s join our hands with the government to stop spreading dengue.

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