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Coimbatore ESI: Oxygen facility for 20 beds in the hospital.. !!

Coimbatore ESI: Oxygen facility for 20 beds in the hospital.. !!

Covid-19, oxygen bed

The Coimbatore Government Hospital and ESI were ready to treat victims of Corona 3rd wave. There is being treated at the hospital and Corona treatment centres. Most of those admitted for treatment on the 2nd wave needed an oxygen bed facility. This was followed by the establishment of oxygen bedside facilities in government hospitals with public and private participation.

In this case, the ESI in Singanallur, Coimbatore, had sought bail in 7 different cases. Chennai High Court Judge M Dantapani has ordered that the hospital be given corona funds. Thereby the ESI. The hospital has received a total of Rs 2.85 lakh so far. With these funds, the hospital has set up an oxygen-carrying facility for 28 beds. Coimbatore ESI Hospital Dean Raveendran said: –

People who are asymptomatic and have no symptoms are more likely to have an ESI than those with a moderate risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Those who are seriously ill in the hospital and with other co-morbidities are being admitted to the Coimbatore Government Hospital.

Currently, 43 corona patients have been admitted to the hospital. The hospital already has 500 beds to treat corona. Currently, 200 new beds have been made. Of these, 28 beds have been provided with oxygen connection facilities with the funds received by the High Court. The Oxygen concentrator facility is provided for the remaining beds.

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