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Coimbatore gets highest November rainfall in 10 years

By Team YourCoimbatore on 7th December 2021
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Coimbatore city recorded 271.9 mm of rain in November — the highest in 10 years and 130 per cent in excess when compared to expected rainfall of 118 mm.

Due to the incessant rains, the city witnessed waterlogging at several places, including at the underpass of Avinashi road flyover, the Railway underpass at Lanka Corner and the Sivanatha Colony in the first week of December.

Professor and Head of Agro Climate Research Centre and Directorate of Crop Management attached to the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) SP Ramanathan told, “In November 2011, 243.1 mm rainfall was recorded, which was the highest until this year. In 2014, we received only 3.4 mm rainfall, the lowest in 10 years”.

“Usually, Southwest monsoon withdraws before October and Northeast monsoon would commence. This year, we have received rainfall in the extended Southwest monsoon in October. Likewise, in 2020, we received rains in January; this indicates climate change,” he added.

The rains could increase groundwater levels by up to five to seven metres. About only a few parts of the city receiving rain, researchers pointed out climate change and cloud movements as the reason.


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