6th December 2021
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Coimbatore: How cops should be for the people; Here’s the viral photo

By Team YourCoimbatore on 9th November 2021
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Heavy rains lashed Coimbatore for the past two days and as a result, many of the roads in the city were damaged. It was overwhelming that the police personnel in the Athupalam area came forward to repair the rain-hit roads that were posing severe traffic congestion.

Work is underway to construct a flyover from Ukkadam to Athuppalam for which nearly half the work is over. As the pillar erection work is being done in Athupalam, traffic congestion occurs frequently. Due to the torrential rains, it is becoming common for passing motorists to get stuck in the mud.

In this case, the police personnel in the area came forward to level the road. Coimbatore City Traffic Police along with 4 others have levelled the muddy road with a lot of potholes with the help of a spade. Someone there has videotaped police repairing the road. That video is currently going viral on social media.

The police personnel were praised by people from various quarters for getting on the field to help the people. Likewise, people want all other officials to get involved in public issues.


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